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Referral Form for a Psychological Assessment Private, confidential, and without prejudice

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Closing buttons YesNo
Managing cutlery YesNo
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Using playground equipment YesNo
Riding a bicycle YesNo
Using a scissors YesNo
Standing on one leg YesNo
Walking on walls YesNo
Using a scissors or pencil YesNo
* Does your child have difficulty with any of the following?
Have difficulty making friends YesNo
Playing with children his/her own age YesNo
Seem unaware of the rules of social conduct YesNo
Avoid taking part in team games YesNo
Get agitated in crowded places YesNo
Seem reluctant to use playground equipment YesNo
Misinterpret what is said to him/her YesNo
Use formal, adult like language YesNo
Get irritated by certain clothing textures YesNo
Sometimes speak with an unusual accent YesNo
Become upset when routines or plans are changed YesNo
Have elaborate routines YesNo
If he/she does elaborate routines, please give details
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I/ We consent to a psychological evaluation of my/our son/daughter by Edward Joyce, Psychologist.

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