Autism Spectrum Disorder

This involves a psychological assessment, an assessment of educational achievements, observation of the child/adolescent in class and in the playground...[ ]

ADHD, EBD, ODD Assessments

In-service training courses for teachers on classroom management, management of students with ADHD and other behavioural disorders...[ ]

Psychological / Psycho-Educational

This will include a cognitive assessment, an assessment of achievements in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics, and an interview...[ ]

Race and Dare Assessments

Assessments for access to the Disability Support Services at 3rd level...[ ]

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Starting the journey

Simply download and complete the applicable referral form and send it back to me either by email or by post. Or just contact me through my enquiry form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible in relation to your query.

Services Available

Psychological Assessments Available

  • Psychological and Psycho-educational assessments
  • Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Assessments for ADHD , EBD, and ODD
  • Assessments for specific learning difficulties
    (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Specific Language Disorders)
  • Assessments of 2nd level students seeking reasonable accommodations
    in state examinations (RACE). RACE is a scheme offering a range of special accommodations to students with a Specific Learning Disability, when they are doing the Leaving Certificate examinations. These accommodations include assistance with reading, spelling and grammar, and writing.
  • Assessment of 2nd level students seeking to avail of the
    Disability Access Route to Education (DARE). DARE is a supplementary admissions scheme, offering college places on reduced points, to students who have learning, physical or emotional disabilities. This scheme is administered through the CAO. See: for more information.
  • Assessment of 3rd levels students seeking access to the Disability Support
    Services in third level colleges

The following services are also provided

  • Occupational Assessments and Career Guidance
  • Study skills` training
  • Advice and training to teachers who work with students with ASD,ADHD, EBD and ADD